Why the Race Continues...

But WAIT! There's MORE!


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Circular Logic Marathon is moving south for the winter!
After 7 fun years, the Circular Logic Marathon is over... for Lafayette. The 2018 event was their last.  The 2019 event will be our first...for Seymour!

After running in both the Marathon and Marathon Relay events - I too was saddened by the announcement that the race would end. I didn’t want it to, so the wheels started turning. “But you could move to a different site!”, you say. Their first thought, too, and we said, “I’ll take that job” and moved it south to a cozy cornfield where I65 and US50 Intersect – Seymour, Indiana!

My small club, Jordan’s Barbell Club, was started as a way for me to honor the memory of my daughter by using our membership income to sponsor youth athletes that would miss out due to the financial commitments required by sports in this era, and to support youth service agencies here in Southern Indiana. The CLM seemed like a no-brainer way to support that cause, and Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeast could really use an infusion this year!  Next year, we will pick another youth service organization to be the recipient of race proceeds...but we need you to run for the cause!

We’re all so grateful to the CLM Lafayette Race Team for all of their support in making the transition so seamless, and surely, you’ll see some of their familiar faces on April 6th. Come run with us.

Together we (still) run,
Tara Johnson, Race Director
Circular Logic Marathon