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Race size:
125 Marathoners
41 Relay Teams
60 Eight-hour Runners
Back for 2018--A la carte pricing! 

We try to be sensitive to the environment and, by popular demand, continue this.  Why make t shirts runners don't want?  Why expend resources to make medals runners don't value?  Why not make a full marathon really inexpensive??

So, we've identified our club's costs and you can decide what you want and what you'll pay! Here's how it will work when you go to the on-line registration.

For Marathoners and Eight-Hour Runners;  You'll pay a low registration fee, the earlier the lower.  Then, you can choose if you want a long-sleeve, technical T shirt and/or a medal.  We have to order medals by mid February, so we cut off medal orders then, similarly we need t shirt orders in by early March.  

For Marathon Relay Teams:  You pay the same registration fee for your team as does a solo runner.  Then, you decide if you want long-sleeve, technical T shirts and/or medals for your team and tell us how many of each and pay at registration.  Same deal on cutoff dates as marathoners. 

Registration timing and prices: