Race Reports & Comments

Summary of 2015 Race

Here is the RD's report, with a lot of photos included.

Kelly wrote a summary of her 2nd CLM here.

Summary of 2014 Race

Here is the Race Director's 2014 write up .

Here is Kelly's summary of her day

Kelly also wrote Tips for a Successful CLM, based on her 2014 race

Summary of 2013 Race

Here is the Race Director's description of the 2013 race...pix, video and breathless prose.

Here is Karen's summary of her BQ attempt.

Here is Meggie's summary of her day

Here are multiple summaries on marathonguide.com .

Summary of 2012 Race
Here is the Race Director's write up of the 2012 race, w/ photos and videos.

Here's a summary of Tracy and Nevada's 2012 CLM experience

Here is Kirk's report of the 2012 CLM, his 18th total marathon.

Here are several reports on active.com.

Here are runners' reports on marathonguide.com .

All of these will give you a full view of what to expect!