Race Day/Packet Pick Up

Packet Pickup

  • Saturday, 6:30-8:45am
    • At Race Day HQ Gazebo

Late Registration

  • Available at either Packet Pickup
  • If we sell out, no late registration, natch!
  • We do guarantee a fun race, though!

Bring your own Water Bottle(s)!

  • This is a litter-free race
  • Review our Hydration Plan!
  • Put your bib # on your bottle(s) if you want us to refill them for you during the race
  • If you want to handle your own rehydration, fine.  Just find a place along the race course to leave your stuff.  

Course Location

  • Cumberland Park, West Lafayette, Indiana
    • Located on Salisbury Street, just north of Cumberland Avenue
    • Plug "3162 Salisbury Street" into your mapping package to get near the park.
    • Two Parking Lots
      • South Lot: At corner of Salisbury and LaGrange
        • Put "Sagamore West Farmers Market" in Google Maps to find this lot perfectly
      • North Lot:  Just off of Kalberer Road
        • Put "501 West 350 North, West Lafayette, IN 47906" in Google Maps to find the WL Fire Station, which is directly across from the North Lot:

      -The red line is the marathon course
      -The blue circles are parking areas
      -The black circle is Race Day HQ & Start/Finish Line

    Race Start and End

    • 9:00am, Eastern Time, sharp, rain or shine
    • Early starts are at 7:00am and 8:00am, sharp.  Due to our lap timing, we must have all early starters going off together.  
    • We close up the course at 3:00pm.  Please consider this when you decide which start time to take.
    • To win the race, you must use the 9am start time.  
    • To win your age group, you can use any of the start times.
    • To qualify for the Boston Marathon, you can use any of the start times.

    How do you add the 385 yards??  

    • We will add a short spur to the course about 3/4 of the way around
    • Lap One will be 1.2 miles for all runners, both marathoners and the first runner for marathon relay teams
    • All other laps will be 1.0 miles
    • Early starter will run the regular 1.0 mile loop until 9am, when they will join the 9am starters for one trip down the extra spur.  
    • Volunteers will direct you through this
    • And, trust us, you'll get very familiar with the course by day's end
    • View photos of the course here

    Race Etiquette

    • We'll have far more passing and being passed in this race than normal
    • You'll quickly figure out how your pace compares
    • Run like you drive...pass on the left, run on the right

    Finishing the Race

    • We'll have a display showing you how many laps you have remaining.
    • When you finish the last lap, we'll have a finishing area to the left where we will give you your medal 
    • If you need to stop before finishing the race, please go to the finishing area, let us know.
    Post-Race Showers
    • You may take a free shower at the Faith West Community Center, about 2 miles from our race site
    • Address:   1920 Northwestern Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906
    • Just show your bib number at the desk.   No reservations or other arrangements necessary.   Bring your own towel and soap.  

    Award Distribution
    • Trophies to top three male and female marathoners
    • Age Group winner awards to male and female, under 30, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60+ years old
    • We will mail AG awards in the week following the race.  
    • No awards for marathon relay teams but we do have medals for all relay participants who choose to buy them. 
    Public Park

    • Please keep in mind, we will be running in a public park.  Other citizens of our fair city will be using the park while we run...greet them and make them feel welcome.