Photos & Videos

Short Video of 2016 Race

2016 Photos

Once again, WRRC Club Member and professional photographer Scott Fultz did race day photos, which are free for you to download and use however you wish.  Thanks Scott!!    2016 CLM Photos

2015 Photos

In 2015, we give away free, high rex pix to all who are interested.  Thanks to WRRC Club Member and Marathoner Scott Fultz for taking the professional pix, which are here.  Download away!!

2014 Photos

Stickman Images

2013 Photos

Larry's Pix-600+ from the 2013 race

A brief report from a local news magazine on 2013 race

2012 Photos
Andy's Photos -- 200+ photos here--some terrific photos of all of you!

John's Photos on FB

Pepe's photos via shutterfly... 80+

And here are some videos!!

Video Channel on YouTube!