Frequently Asked Questions
(at least we thought someone might ask these things once in a while...)

A loop course?  Are you serious?  Why?
  • Well, yes, we are serious. One mile loops. We do this to offer a low-cost, fun marathon available early in the spring in the Midwest as an opportunity both to do a marathon, test your endurance, and/or to train for events later in the spring.
So how do I count my laps?
  • It's a chip-timed race...so each time you cross the start/finish line, we'll have a display showing your split and the number of laps completed.
  • You can also count them yourself. Use the lap timer on your watch, bring 26 gummy bears and eat one every lap, bring 26 one-dollar bills and hand one to a fellow runner every lap; you get the idea.
  • But the chip count will be official. Not your gummy bears.
Yeah, but I'm slow. Do you have a time limit? Or an early start?
  • Yes, we have seven hour time limit. Put another way, we start at 8:00am and we'll pack things up at 3:00pm.  
  • No matter your distance, you can walk, run, jog, side step, you might even talk a volunteer into holding a limbo stick for you!
  • We will not be offering any early starts this year.
Or how about a relay?
  • Glad you asked!! Yes, we have the AMLAP Relay! See the brilliantly-named "AMLAP Relay" tab for details!
What happens if you sell out?
  • If we hit the limit, we'll establish a waiting list.
  • Thus, if you can't make it, let us know, that will let someone else in.
What kind of food will there be?
  • We'll have our litter free water stations. Depending on the total numbers, and potential sponsors, we'll have some other food...stay tuned.
  • We will not serve Gu or other specialized foods. So bring what every you like for fuel.
  • As a simple operation, we recommend you bring along whatever type of fluid you enjoy. We may not have just what you like.
  • This is a "green" race! Read our plan!
  • Seriously, we want to NOT have cups or gel pacs strewn all over the place, so we set up a method to avoid litter.

So, can I stash my stuff somewhere?
  • Absolutely. You can put your stuff along the loop, anywhere it suits you. It's a safe, but open course. Bring your own food, trail mix, fluids, towels, extra shirts, magic elixir, leftover Christmas fruitcake from your Aunt Betty; whatever you want, bring it along.
I'm not set for a full marathon. Do you another option?
  • Sure do - the AMLAP (As Many Laps As Possible) Challenge!
  • Go ahead and enter. Then just run the distance you'd like to run.  
  • You'll get water and food. You'll get to run in a social event. You'll get timed results and splits.
  • You can also enter just to see how far you can run. Never run 20 miles? Wonder if you can? Here's a chance to try.
  • Remember: "You're Never Far From Your Car"
I'm coming from out of town...do you have hotels in Seymour, Indiana?
  • Remarkably, civilization has indeed reached our fair city. There are several quality brand hotels within 4 miles of the race course, on differing ends of the price/amenity spectrum right off of I65. And if you do happen to stay over, email our RD to be entered for our Out of Town-er Gift Drawing!
Can I take a shower before I drive home?
  • Might be a good idea if you have a long drive
  • Pending COVID Protocols: Seymour High School has generously opened the locker rooms for a shower opportunity for participants needing to freshen up before some long windshield time.
  • Bring your own towel, soap, deodorant, and favorite shower tunes!
Is this race a Boston Qualifier?
  • YES!
  • The Boston Athletic Association accepts certified courses in the USA as qualifiers and the Circular Logic Marathon is is Certified by USATF as course IN19016TDK - Circular Logic Marathon.
  • If you plan to BQ at CLM, let us know. We'll do our best to help you hit the target time!
What Awards will you give out?
  • Top Male and Female Finishers in Every Category!
  • Every Finisher Receives their own personal CLM Finisher SWAG!
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