Eight Hour Endurance Event-Details

New in 2018-CLM Eight Hour Endurance Event

Want to go longer than 26.2?   Want to just see how far you CAN go?

Our Eight Hour Endurance Event (8HEE) gives you that opportunity.   Here's the info:

Start time:   7:00am Eastern Time

Finish time:   3:00pm, Eastern Time

Awards:   Top three male and female will win trophies.   All entrants can opt in for a unique 8HEE medal and/or CLM T shirt at registration.

How to win:   The most completed laps of the CLM 1 mile loop wins.   In case of a tie, the runner who crosses the start/finish line first on the final lap wins.

Race Day Support:   8HEE runners will have full use of the famous CLM Litter Free Water Station.   In addition, we will mark off a bag drop area exclusively for 8HEE runners just before the start finish area.   Runners can leave any gear, food, bags, chairs or pet parakeets in this small but exclusive bit of real estate.