CLM AMLAP Challenge Details

Returning in 2020 - 6 Hour AMLAP Challenge!
What's an AMLAP!?!?!? -  (As Many Loops As Possible)

Test your limits, see how far you CAN go! 1, 3.1, 7.2, 14.2, 23.2, 30.2...

Start time:   8:00am Eastern Time

Finish time:   2:00pm, Eastern Time

Awards:   Top male and female participants with most loops completed will win trophies

How to win:   The most completed laps of the CLM 1 mile loop wins.   In case of a tie, the runner who crosses the start/finish line first on the final lap wins.

Race Day Support:   AMLAP runners will have full use of the famous CLM Litter Free Water Station.   We will have indoor and outdoor areas for AMLAP runner storage/recovery.   Runners can leave any gear, food, bags, chairs, stuffed animals (please no live ones) in this small but exclusive bit of real estate.