We are very grateful to the West Lafayette Parks and Recreation for allowing us to hold this race in West Lafayette's beautiful Cumberland Park.  This 62 acre greenspace is home to a 16 acre woods, a large open turf area, three softball/baseball diamonds, basketball courts and, for our purposes, part of the 17 mile West Lafayette Trail System.  This will be a visually-pleasing park setting for our marathon.

Also, since this is a public park, the course will be open to other users on race day. So, we'll have the chance to see and greet and be friendly to other walkers and joggers.  We look forward to sharing this event with the public in this way.

We've laid out a one-mile loop in this park which is certified accurate by USA Track & Field.  Our USATF course identifier is IN16031TDK, and you can find the official course map here.

Here is a video course's a little over 7 minutes long and takes you around the entire one mile loop.

If you prefer still photos, here is a set of 35 photos of the course.  Use the slideshow feature and you can see the whole course.

If you are interested in this race, you know a marathon is twenty-six point two miles, not an even twenty-six.  So, you ask, how do we get the extra two-tenths of a mile?  We have a plan. On the first lap of the race, about 3/4 of the way around, just past the basketball courts, we will route you out and back on the south side of the woods adding precisely 385 yards to the first lap.  Thus, your first time around the course will be 1.2 miles...all the rest of the laps will be 1.0 miles.

Got it??

Here is race day HQ.  The course wraps in the foreground.
From Circular Logic Marathon Course Tour

Here is the north portion of the course:
From Circular Logic Marathon Course Tour

Along the south side of the course, you'll go to the left on Lap One at this fork in the road, returning and going to the right. For all other laps, you just make a right turn here.

From Circular Logic Marathon Course Tour