It's been a great summer off and an even better fall running the Seymour Area Youth Football League for this Race Director! I've been able to dust off my runners and get more runs in and even got a personal best for 2019 in the Oktoberfest 5K! I'm sure it was due to the cops chasing me, but you'll have to go to the FB page to get the full majesty of that visual...
We have had more delays than the Daytona 500 on a rainy day when it comes to getting our race course Boston Qualified (mainly because the online system has had issues so we had to go back to the old school paper route and our certifier is also a RD for a BIG race, and full time employee, and family man, so we totally get that). We're submitted and waiting impatiently for the notification that we're a GO! We will get it, but your RD is a hopeless pessimist, so I won't announce until I have the cert in hand. 5K course is now USTAF certified, so it's just a matter of time now!
Hal Higdon (quick bow to the master) even gave us a retweet earlier this month to those looking for  a flat and cool marathon.
24 Weeks till Race Day! That's enough time to train for any distance, in some cases, twice! Set a goal now to join us on April 4th!
6 Hour AMLAP Challenge
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