Circular Logic Marthon is moving south for the winter!

With the help of the founders of CLM, Jordan's Barbell Club will be partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeast Indiana to bring the CLM back - in the beautiful cornfields of Seymour, Indiana!

We have found a one mile, flat course that surrounds the historical Seymour High School campus! (Lloyd Scott Memorial Gymnasium is the 3rd largest in the country!)
Hometown of John Mellencamp, State Champion SHS Cheerleading and did I mention corn?

Everything you loved about CLM - Lafayette: Real Bathrooms every mile, Litter Free Water Station, an indoor area to warm up, recover, high-five your fellow runners, food trucks, and a Post Race Party at Seymour Brewing Company! (Did Someone Say Beer and/or water and Pizza?!?)

Registration will be up on Wednesday December 26th!
Race Options are:
Marathon - BQ Pending!
Relay Marathon - Team up with your friends to share the road!
AMLAP Endurance Run - (As Many Laps As Possible) How many one mile laps can you complete in the time allowed?!?!?

We're looking forward to being your host for the Circular Logic Marathon and keeping a great race running!